Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

One of the most difficult projects to date – Fiona’s own home at a time when living at the property had transitioned from being a couple, to a family with three children and a dog. The full renovation of Fiona’s 7,000 sq ft home in London’s Chelsea needed to consider substantial changes to suit modern family life while retaining the elegant Georgian heritage woven throughout the fabric of property.

The final result bears all the hallmarks of Fiona’s design philosophies: layered textures and strong, clean statement pieces of contemporary furniture mixed with antique and artisanal pieces.

“We have spent many years sourcing and curating pieces of furniture and art from all over the world, providing a real reflection of our characters. I think what is so wonderful about furniture is how you can give it new life when you move or relocate it to a different room within your home and place it alongside different colours and pieces. There are several pieces of furniture and lighting in our home that have been moved numerous times until I feel the evolutionary process of curated design has been completed”


The treatment of walls is hugely important to the feel of the space, and for her home, Fiona curated a vast mix of textures with the wall coverings: leather panels, oxidized copper sheets, cork tiles, specialist plaster, rolled hand-painted porcelain, hemp cloth, and textured gold leaf.