August 1, 2018

I am thrilled to announce that Fiona Barratt Interiors has been included as a finalist in the SBID 2018 Awards! It is so rewarding and exciting to be in amongst such an amazing list of extremely talented designers and their awe-inspiring projects.

This year we entered under the category of Residential Design over £1 Million. This category focuses on design trends and the wow factors of residential projects with an overall value of over £1 million. Projects can include a single room, several rooms or a whole property. Our entry, “Dmitrovsky Lane”, is a 3,200 SQFT full redevelopment located in Moscow’s vibrant city centre.

Dmitrovsky Lane was selected by the technical panel of judges in the first stage of the judging process. From this point on, the public are now invited to cast their votes for their favourite entries at and your votes will contribute towards the final result.

This project is one very dear to my heart and so much hard work and passion was dedicated to it by both myself and the rest of the Fiona Barratt Interiors team. The apartment is fit with a bespoke FBC London kitchen and all joinery was completed in the UK and sent over. Although the original design is confidently contemporary, I enjoyed adding old world depth through artwork, silk rugs and antiques. We also brought over a large selection of FBC London luxury accessories along with curated works of art by a collection of inspiring creatives. This project became a wonderful opportunity to inter mix both the interior design and retail wing of my company.

The judging panel this year features Directors and CEO’S from some of the most successful global design corporations including Christian Louboutin Beauté, BBC, National History Museum, Belmond, Walpole, Bentley, Google and AECOM, to name a few.

Voting will close on Friday the 24th of August at 5:00pm GMT so please do follow the link below and get voting for Fiona Barratt Interiors!

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STUDIO NEWS: House & Garden’s Top 100 Interior Designers 2018
May 1, 2018

This week, I was truly honoured to be included in House & Garden’s Top 100 Interior Designers of 2018. The wonderful accolade is exciting in its own right, however, to be named amongst such stellar creative minds, makes this award all the more meaningful. My fantastic team congratulated me on the day with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from the extremely talented Grace & Thorn florists.

Although I am constantly looking to the future, with the company receiving such a commendation, it fuels the need to focus even more on longevity and creating a heritage. This longevity is one of the greatest inspirations behind my upcoming book which is due to be released in the Autumn of 2018.

The idea of doing a book originally came from the wish to put all projects completed by Fiona Barratt Interiors down on paper. An amalgamation of the company’s hard work and success over the years if you will. However, through working with the amazing publisher Rizzoli, and meeting with interesting and creative directors and writers for the same purpose, I have decided to perhaps go more in the direction of a complete lifestyle book. A book of interior inspiration and advice. At any rate, my book will be a forward step for the company’s brand awareness and, despite currently being in a fledgling state, it is a very exciting and rewarding next chapter for myself and Fiona Barratt Interiors, pun intended.

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SPOTLIGHT ON: An Insight into my Design Ethos
March 8, 2018

Fiona Barratt Interiors are leading designers and architects for luxury interior design with a portfolio ranging from luxury residential to commercial boutique for private, development and commercial properties both in the UK and spanning the globe.

All designers have a signature style and way in which they like to work. For me, it’s all about blending sophisticated neutrals interlaced with bursts of accent colour. My obsession is textures and unique layering, for which I am known around the world for. The perception of a room is influenced by the textures of adjacent surfaces, layering of varied materials to create interest and depth, as well as considered lighting application. For me, these various textures are inspired by the legacy of history and the infinity of the natural world. Contrasting textures and materials is also crucial to my design process. The contrast between heavy and traditional, such as marble and bronze, and lighter materials, for example, glass. Defined details, forcing the brave mix of finishes and texture, the experimentation of materials and textures run throughout each element of my philosophy. I like to use a lot of texture in materials and fabrics: rustic reclaimed wood, polished concrete, silk rugs, woven leather, to mention a few. My designs predominantly have a neutral palette, so the texture creates contrast and interest. I add colour and character to an interior through accessories and artwork, and by experimenting with different antiques, particularly 20th century pieces.

The world of interiors is fast changing; there are new challenges every day forcing me to constantly evaluate what defines luxury expectations and ensure to deliver the unexpected. Designing an interior is an art form and it is imperative to deliver this as a solid and engaging story with a narrative that is subtle. With our in-house architectural and design teams, we take a project through from conception to completion, bringing skills in both interior and exterior architecture and spatial design, bespoke lighting, furniture and accessories and space configuration together to create a space which delivers against the project ideality; time less luxury, yet functional.

When I think of design rules to live by, I do try to mix original architectural details as much as possible. For example, fusing cornicing and panelling, with modern luxurious interiors, always taking inspiration from the location that the building is in and considering that the design should be appropriate to its locality. Every project brief and client vision is unique. Although confidently contemporary, I take inspiration from many sources. Exploring the intimacy of the design process and craft drives the influence and narrative and helps the story of a space unfold..

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COLLABORATION: Welcoming Sheerluxe to our Design Studio
February 27, 2018

On Tuesday the 27th of February, we had the pleasure of hosting Sheerluxe at our Studio in Victoria for an interior design masterclass. Launched by Georgie Coleridge Cole in 2007 as a directory of the best online retailers, today is one of the UK’s leading online fashion and lifestyle publishers featuring news, views, edits and opinions on all things relevant and desirable for the modern woman. Aside from its wealth of editorial – covering everything from fashion and beauty to culture and opinion – SheerLuxe also utilises digital technology to give readers 360-degree access to the SheerLuxe lifestyle, including its VIP scheme, reader events, podcasts, video series and lots more.

Alongside myself, the incredible Amelia Carter, Laura Hammett and Lucinda Sanford, were grilled by Sheerluxe founder and editor, Georgie Coleridge Cole. The panel discussion revolved around all things trends, or rather the importance of their inexistence, tips, design and interiors. Beautifully complimented by canapes from Rocket and Laurent-Perrier champagne, the evening was a fantastic success! Whether the guests were looking to make a few updates or start from scratch, there was advice for all interior dilemmas and queries.

Very excited to further our burgeoning relationship with Sheerluxe and work with them again in the near future! Watch this space..

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COLLABORATION: Launch Evening for the Bugaboo Fox, hosted by Tony Chambers
February 20, 2018

It’s been a busy week here at The Studio! The massive success of the Sheerluxe event was very quickly followed by another triumph. On Wednesday the 28th of February, we were delighted to host stroller company Bugaboo for the launch of their latest creation, Bugaboo Fox.

Launched in 1994, Bugaboo have taken pride in dreaming up game-changing products that help you explore the world around you in unparalleled comfort and unmistakable style. Whether you’re a new parent about to step out into the world with your family or a modern traveler taking your third business trip this week, Bugaboo products are designed to help you handle life with ease. Their luggage systems and strollers are made to lighten your load and turn everyday life into an enjoyable journey. 

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Tessa Eastman Baby Cloud
February 7, 2018

With Collect finished for another year, it has prompted me to dwell on the subject of accessories, particularly my great love of ceramics, and their importance when it comes to designing an interior. Practical, everyday pieces play a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic of a kitchen, living room and, in fact, the home as a whole. I feel the warmth and expression of accessories encourages my clients to build collections that marry functionality with an appreciation for the art form.

My interest in ceramics and different accessories artists initially began as part of the commitment to continuously drive both design and product innovation within my retail brand. The selection of accessories are a fusion of artisanal couture, where passion, innovation and skill meld to reveal the intrinsic beauty of a material through handcraftsmanship.

I have always had a huge obsession with ceramics. The idea of using your bare hands to mould and shape the clay, to create something extraordinary from nothing, fascinates me. The intimate contact with ceramics when eating and drinking through to everyday living is very important to my work, as is the practical durability of each piece. I think about ceramics as imprints on my projects and a way of leaving a memory. Some are delicate imprints of nature, others are harsh marks – all referring to life’s experiences. These impressions built together make a whole piece and really meld the spaces I create together.

Through the furniture retail arm of my company, FBC London, I am able to pursue working relationships as well as mentoring opportunities with ceramic artists. As a designer, I believe it is crucial to nurture and mentor young emerging talent as much as possible and give them a platform. It’s very important to me to support and work closely to drive both creativity and awareness.

Together with the FBC team, I am constantly on the lookout for exciting innovative accessory artists emerging from around the globe, working with ceramics as well as other forms of art. I try to keep my interior designs fresh and relevant, frequently introducing new artisans to our repertoire, with the different price points appealing to both Fiona Barratt Interiors aficionados and new clients.

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