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We are always interested in innovative ideas and exceptional collaborations – design visions that add to our own and take our interiors in new and exciting directions.

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Internationally acclaimed interior designer, entrepreneur, author and furniture designer.

With 21 years’ experience at the forefront of the industry, businesses continually seek Fiona’s unparalleled expertise.  With a completely distinctive style that juxtaposes refinement with rawness and melding colour, multifaceted designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell has revolutionized the look, feel and meaning of ‘British Heritage’. Celebrities and tastemakers from all over the world are also included amongst Fiona’s clients.

Currently writing and curating her inaugural design book, Fiona is devoted to making her design ethos accessible and shares her extensive knowledge on panels, design roundtables at universities, businesses, collaborations with brands, the list goes on.

Fiona’s expansive list of credits includes collaborations with some of the industry’s most respected names, including de La Cuona and SA Baxter, a triumphant collaborative effort and a seamless fusion of hardware and design. This Summer Fiona is readying to launch her debut Outdoor Collection with retail brand FBC London.  The interplay of surfaces, materials, shapes and colours gives life to contemporary and refined portraits of key, revered, FBC London pieces. Where design and growth of concepts complement each other and express the unique nature of FBC London’s Outdoor Collection and lifestyle.

With three successful businesses unified in the London HQ, The Studio, which also doubles as an industrial meets luxe unique event space, houses many different disciplines under one roof with all the diverse mediums fuelling one another. Curiosity and passion continually inspire the expansion of Fiona’s empire and her brand’s reach.

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