Tessa Eastman Baby Cloud

With Collect finished for another year, it has prompted me to dwell on the subject of accessories, particularly my great love of ceramics, and their importance when it comes to designing an interior. Practical, everyday pieces play a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic of a kitchen, living room and, in fact, the home as a whole. I feel the warmth and expression of accessories encourages my clients to build collections that marry functionality with an appreciation for the art form.

My interest in ceramics and different accessories artists initially began as part of the commitment to continuously drive both design and product innovation within my retail brand. The selection of accessories are a fusion of artisanal couture, where passion, innovation and skill meld to reveal the intrinsic beauty of a material through handcraftsmanship.

I have always had a huge obsession with ceramics. The idea of using your bare hands to mould and shape the clay, to create something extraordinary from nothing, fascinates me. The intimate contact with ceramics when eating and drinking through to everyday living is very important to my work, as is the practical durability of each piece. I think about ceramics as imprints on my projects and a way of leaving a memory. Some are delicate imprints of nature, others are harsh marks – all referring to life’s experiences. These impressions built together make a whole piece and really meld the spaces I create together.

Through the furniture retail arm of my company, FBC London, I am able to pursue working relationships as well as mentoring opportunities with ceramic artists. As a designer, I believe it is crucial to nurture and mentor young emerging talent as much as possible and give them a platform. It’s very important to me to support and work closely to drive both creativity and awareness.

Together with the FBC team, I am constantly on the lookout for exciting innovative accessory artists emerging from around the globe, working with ceramics as well as other forms of art. I try to keep my interior designs fresh and relevant, frequently introducing new artisans to our repertoire, with the different price points appealing to both Fiona Barratt Interiors aficionados and new clients.