Cadogan Street

47 Cadogan Street in Chelsea is the first redevelopment project undertaken by award-winning interior designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell and her husband Sol Campbell, under their new business arm, ‘Fiona Barratt Projects’. Fiona is also the founder of luxury furniture brand FBC London, and the property has been furnished with many pieces from her indoor and outdoor collections.

Together, Fiona and Sol have transformed the four-storey property on Cadogan Street, formerly a dentist’s studio and individual flats, into a sumptuous, 2,900sqft private home. The couple spent a year renovating the entire property, restoring the façade and rebuilding and reconfiguring many of the internal structures to maximise the space. On the ground floor, the home now offers a large, open-plan bespoke FBC London kitchen with exquisite bookmatched marble throughout, and a glass patio extension leading to the south facing courtyard. The property is one of very few south facing homes in Chelsea. The courtyard has been furnished with a number of pieces from Fiona’s latest outdoor collection, launched earlier this year.

"We spent a lot of time searching for the perfect property for our first renovation under Fiona Barratt Projects and it is hugely rewarding to see the house completed as we envisaged. We wanted to create a luxurious yet homely and liveable feel throughout the house and very much designed every aspect - from the interior layouts, the colour palette, to the furniture and artwork - with potential future owners front of mind".


Inside, each room is dressed with handcrafted FBC London furniture, with a focus on incorporating beautifully upholstered statement pieces in neutral tones that complement the colourful artwork, which Fiona sourced from art fairs and dealers around the UK. New additions to FBC London’s best-selling Byethorne collection are introduced throughout the home; the hallway features the new Byethorne Mirror and the distinctive Byethorne wood, which uses a unique whitewashed finish to accentuate the smooth rippling waves of the Silky Oak natural veneer, has been added to the bespoke built in joinery in the principal bedroom. Many rooms also feature statement chandeliers and wall lights, the first to be designed by FBC London.