Hotel Penthouse, K11 Artus

The studio was selected by hotelier, Adrian Cheng, founder of K11 Artus hotel in Hong Kong, to design the interiors for a prestigious 3,703 sqft three-bedroom Penthouse suite. Embracing the hotel’s vision to create an ‘artisanal home’ for guests, the aesthetic is both homely and opulent with spaces designed to maximise views of the private gardens and Victoria Harbour from every room.

In the brief we were asked to stay true to our British provenance and the resulting interiors draw heavily on autobiographical references from Fiona’s upbringing in the rugged Northumberland countryside.

The history of the Roman Empire, its art and architecture are captured in the richness and splendour of each and every design feature.

“Our aesthetic is inspired by British tradition but reinterpreted to feel contemporary and timeless which allows for longevity within the design. Along with the careful selection of materials that are predominantly natural, hard wearing and are built for the intent of a commercial environment”




We felt that it was important for the Penthouse suite to have a strong residential feel. A rich, yet calming palette is offset by the unexpected layering of tactile finishes giving rise to a relaxed elegance. Almost every piece of furniture and lighting is bespoke. We also designed an integrated lighting system, facilitated by intuitive technology to meet the demands of the world’s affluent cultural explorers.