Visiting this 3,200 sq ft apartment for the first time, it was a blank canvas in the true sense of the expression – a concrete shell with windows nestled in new and old buildings at the heart of Moscow, near to Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre. Our brief was to create a sanctuary of calm with a particular focus on entertaining family and friends with an area for music, since several members of the family are keen musicians.

Our design vision was to create a home that, although entirely new, felt established. We achieved this through a diverse selection of finishes throughout to bring warmth and character; open and airy in the summer and cost and comforting in the winter months, referencing Moscow’s diverse climate.

“Our first project in Moscow, we were fortunate to have such wonderful clients. We even designed one of the first FBC Kitchens, all handcrafted in England. High-gloss walnut and grey oak cabinets feature brass detailing and a rare marble worktop. Bespoke cabinetry features the imprint of a cabbage leaf, cast in resin and coated in bronze patina”


The dining room features a vibrant wall of blue resin with a textured silver patina sub base. Visually, it appears like the ocean with a reflective quality—a smooth, gently undulating surface. In the new beauty room, the wallpaper is made of jute sacking with a painted finish applied over the top, reinventing a utilitarian material into a luxury finish.