North Yorkshire

Complete transformation of a 24,000 sq ft historic Georgian country house, situated in the scenic Yorkshire Dales, into a superlative modern family home. Spatial planning needed to consider different architectural styles, from the stone-built historic hall and four-hundred-year-old barns connected by a new modern extension, as well as scale, with ceiling heights reaching up to thirty feet.

Noble materials and a natural palette seamlessly connect spaces. The walk down the long corridor in the two-hundred-fifty-year-old hall toward a small single door at the end gives way to the monolithic kitchen and dining room. The ceiling features an exposed steel framework; the floor is polished concrete. We designed a mezzanine that appears to “float” across the vast void. The simplicity of the design and materials complement the pared-back and robust materiality of the other finishes within this space.

“Working with local artisans, we designed bespoke furnishings including tables crafted from one-hundred-year-old reclaimed railway ties that came from local Yorkshire railways. We felt it was important to embrace the locality of the building, adding provenance through local materials with a unique story”


Lighting, although extremely important in all projects, was a major feature throughout this property. At night the transformation of the internal and external spaces can only be described as magical and almost theatrical.