Chelsea Waterfront Development

After an 18th month selection process, Fiona Barratt Interiors has been appointed by Hutchison Property Group to design the Chelsea Waterfront Development marketing suite, East & West residents’ concierges as well as the public entrances and atrium of the iconic Lots Road Power Station.

Inspired by the history of the Lots Road Power Station, our designs proudly showcase the building’s industrial past in a fine balance with the requirements of a luxurious contemporary residential development. Many of the original building’s features have been reinterpreted in the designs – the marble floor and decorative ceiling patterns are drawn from the original cornice and our huge lighting installation in the atrium is inspired by the power station’s famous chimneys. The marketing suite also carries many references to the iconic chimneys, from a circular screening room clad in red brick, fragments of the original machinery displayed as sculptures, to an interactive ‘History Wall’ showcasing milestones in the power station’s history.

We carefully studied the customer experience for every environment; linking the building’s fascinating past with its future. The atrium’s brickwork patterns reference the Art Deco era and exquisite polished brass balustrades are designed in a ‘loop’ shape inspired by the Metropolitan Line route, once powered by Lots Road Power Station.

As the marketing suite is located offsite, our design concept needed to create an engaging, memorable experience, showcasing the design ethos and materiality of the Chelsea Waterfront Development as well as serving the needs of the sales and marketing team. Early on, we identified a unique approach and recommended rebranding Lots Road Power Station as ‘The Metropolitan’. The name proved to be more attractive to international buyers who were not familiar with the power station’s history. The marketing team adopted our suggestion, including our sketches and CGI visuals into their marketing strategy and extended our commission to the full design of the entire marketing suite. This includes a striking bronze etched map at the entrance of the suite, leading to a double-sided fireplace and reception behind which we designed interactive digital displays showcasing the development. Our scheme focuses on provenance and storytelling for today and the future.